Call Recorder

Settings for call recording

The following settings should work on most devices (except Android 9 Pie):

  1. Settings > Recording > Standard API > Recording format - WAV
  2. Settings > Recording > Standard API > Audio source - Voice call uplink + downlink
    Most devices don't support internet calls (Wi-Fi Calling, VoLTE, etc.) to be recorded.

In case of any errors, you can first clear the app data to reset the settings to their defaults. You can back up your settings in Settings > Backup (three dots at the top right corner) before clearing app data.

If empty or no files are created
  1. Switch to the internal memory by selecting a folder like "/sdcard/voix" in Settings > Folders and Files. This is just for testing purposes. When you find the right settings, you can switch back to the external storage.
  2. Select your device in Settings > Recording again (even if it's already selected).
  3. Make sure that the default sample rate and channels mode are set for the selected Recording method.
If other side's volume is low
  1. Make sure other recorders aren't active while in-call (voice control apps, navigation apps, other call recorders, etc).
  2. To ensure that recording is not started too early, either disable automatic recording and start recording manually after the other side answers, or stop it and restart after that moment. If both sides are clearly heard in the part of recording that was manually started later, then you need to increase "delay before start of recording" in Settings > Recording.
  3. If the volume is low for a specific type of calls only (i.e., either outgoing or incoming ones), or for random calls, then increasing this delay should help.
If sound is distorted (too loud)

Unfortunately, there's no way to fix it. The app records what the system provides.

If microphone is muted while in-call

Unfortunately, there's no general solution here. Try increasing "delay before start of recording" in Settings > Recording. Also, check if turning the speaker on then off in-call will help.

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