Call Recorder

Customizing filenames

The app allows you to set up various patterns for the recordings it creates. There’s an option "Pattern" in "Settings > Folders and Files." The following pattern is used by default:


Variables enclosed by a pair of percent signs will be recognized and substituted as follows:

  • %type% – call type name: either “outgoing” or “incoming”
    • %type(incoming|outgoing)% to customize type title
  • %sim% – sim card's carrier name
    • %sim(sim1|sim2)% to customize sim name
  • %name% – contact name
    • you can change word order in the name, e.g. %name($3 $1 $2|$4 $1 $2 $3)% can also be written as %name($3|$4)%
  • %number% – phone number
  • %time(time pattern)% – call time
  • %timestamp% – unix time in seconds

You can even include slashes in the pattern to specify that a separate folder must be created for, e.g., particular number, contact or year. After changing the pattern you can “Rename all files” to match the selected pattern. It may take up to several minutes if you have many files.

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