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Process outgoing calls & Call logs permissions ban

There is a new policy on Play Store that an app asking for Call logs & Process outgoing calls permissions needs to have prior approval by Google. These permissions are essential for all call recording apps. So I have submitted the form to get approval, but it was denied. So I have two options: to remove many features from the app or unpublish the app. You can see features I'll have to remove below.

What I'll have to remove from the main screen:

  1. Contact name, phone number and contact photo
Main screen
  1. Open contact from the app by clicking contact photo
Contact photo
  1. Add phone number to contacts, send sms or make a call
Unknown number
  1. View recordings by contact
By contact
  1. Search recordings from specific phone number or contact
  1. Sort recordings by contact
  1. Dialog titles

What features I'll have to remove due this limit:

  1. Exceptions (by contact, group or phone number): without knowing phone number I can't determine group or contact
  1. Actions for incoming/outgoing calls (record contacts, record non-contacts)
  1. Call confirm feature: without PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS permission the app can't prevent the phone from making a call to show a dialog
Call confirm
  1. Link to contacts: without knowing a phone number the app can't create a contact to show a button "View recordings" from a Contacts app
Link to contacts
  1. Option to name files with phone number and contact name

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